Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It's Been Ages

It has been ages since I've posted on my blog.  I've been so busy at my part-time job that I haven't even been posting that many new products in my Zazzle stores lately.  But the other day I finally was able to post several new products.  So here are some of the new items you can find in the stores.">

" alt="Horses Behind The Fence Card" style="border:0;" />
Horses">">Horses Behind The Fence Card by HorseCrazyIowa*">HorseCrazyIowa>
Look at other Angelandspot Cards at zazzle.com">>">

" alt="Dreaming of Horses Cards" style="border:0;" />
Dreaming">">Dreaming of Horses Cards by HorseCrazyIowa*">HorseCrazyIowa>
Look at other Horse Cards at zazzle.com">>">

" alt="The Hidden Face Abstract Notebook" style="border:0;" />
The">">The Hidden Face Abstract Notebook by AbstractFunDesign*">AbstractFunDesign>
Make customised">">customised notebooks online at">

" alt="Abstract Spiral Notebook" style="border:0;" />
Abstract">">Abstract Spiral Notebook by AbstractFunDesign*">AbstractFunDesign>
Browse Zazzle for a different spiral">">spiral note book">

" alt="Abstract Spiral Note Book" style="border:0;" />
Abstract">">Abstract Spiral Note Book by AbstractFunDesign*">AbstractFunDesign>
Browse Colorful">">Colorful Notebooks">

" alt="Horse and Buggy Sepia Card" style="border:0;" />
Horse">">Horse and Buggy Sepia Card by IowaAmish*">IowaAmish>
Browse Iowaamish">">Iowaamish Cards">

" alt="Two Horses Ready For Work Cards" style="border:0;" />
Two">">Two Horses Ready For Work Cards by IowaAmish*">IowaAmish>
See more Draft">">Draft horses Cards">

" alt="Line of Amish Horses Black and white Greeting Cards" style="border:0;" />
Line">">Line of Amish Horses Black and white Greeting Cards by IowaAmish*">IowaAmish>
Browse other Iowaamish">">Iowaamish Cards">

" alt="Chilly Morning Amish Horse Cards" style="border:0;" />
Chilly">">Chilly Morning Amish Horse Cards by IowaAmish*">IowaAmish>
Check out more Iowaamish Cards at Zazzle">Zazzle>">

" alt="Three Amish Buggies Cards" style="border:0;" />
Three">">Three Amish Buggies Cards by IowaAmish*">IowaAmish>
Shop for a card">card> with
Ok, well I guess that was more than a few but anyways....

I hope to try to create more products and also post more often to my blog in the near future.  Thanks.

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