Saturday, February 28, 2009

Vintage Ads over 100 years old

I just love the May 1895 edition of Harper's New Monthly Magazine. I found it on Etsy and just had to have it. I have scanned some of the neat old advertisements and added them to products at my Zazzle store such as the two shirts shown below. They are also on greeting cards, ties, and more. For these two shirts I turned the color of the page transparent which left just the black part of the add so the words in the ad will be whatever color shirt you choose.


June said...

Hello my friend these are great fun :) I will take a look at the etsy shop when i get time.
Thanks so much for all your good wishes about my son :)
I am not sure i got the pictures you sent me. I cant find them but then my head is all over the place. Could you by any chance resend them to me please ? I would love to see them.
I am trying today to do some normal things and catch up a bit here but not a great deal as quite tired
Hugs to you and yours
June xxxxx

June said...

Hi Cassie, i think that i have the pictures you sent. could you check out on the freebies blog and see if its yours ? Hugs June xxxx

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

I just love your blog so have given you an award! You can check it out over at my blog!

Lorri Lennox said...

Wow Cassie, your T-shirts look great! Do you find zazzle better than redbubble?
Great cards too :)