Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Vintage Postcard

Just thought I would show one of the vintage postcards in my personal collection of vintage postcards. Don't ya just love the hands and the doves? So pretty. If I haven't already said I have recently gotten 50 vintage postcards with birds on them and am slowly adding them to products at my Zazzle store. Check out the store if you like vintage postcards on products. I haven't added this postcard to products yet but I probably will sometime soon.

P.S. I have also cleaned up my blog and deleted a lot of posts. I think a product a day was just too much esp. those days I also posted about like 5 other things. I'll try and keep the posts down from now on. Maybe a product a week or every two weeks would be better than every single day.


Marie Reed said...

This one is just gorgeous! I can't wait for you to Zazzle it up! I hope that it sells like hotcakes!

angelandspot said...

Thanks Marie :)