Sunday, May 17, 2009

It Seems so Strange

Around here today. I am missing hearing the crow of a few roosters. I sold some yesterday at the exotic animal sale. I just had too many. There were 3 that would fly up out of the barn at like 5 am and come up to the house and crow. I missed that this morning. I am pretty sure the people that bought them are going to show them. They said they were really nice and asked if I had ever shown them. They paid $15 a rooster so I highly doubt they are going to be eating them. :) My Internet connection has not been working well today or last week with all the rain and thunderstorms. Hopefully we get a few nice days this week so I can add some more items to my zazzle store. Anyways... Here are some of the newer items in my store that I managed to add when I could get an Internet connection last week.

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1 comment:

June said...

Beautiful and i love the roses. I hope you soon settle without the wake up call of your roosters
Hugs June xxx