Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chickens are grand!

I love the chickens. Yesterday we got 20 eggs! Yippee! I will be adding new chick and chicken items to my Zazzle store on a regular basis as they are some of my fave photography models. I can't wait to see what all colors of eggs the new little pullets hatched earlier this year are going to lay. I had a lucky year with mostly pullets hatched out so I am going to have a ton of eggs as soon as they all grow up and start laying. They love to roam all over the place but always are locked away safely at night in the barn. I have a little group that comes up to the back patio everyday and they help keep the bug population down there. Then there is the little hay meadow group that runs and plays in the hay meadow all day. And there is the horse pasture group that runs around there all day. I also have a few lazy ones that prefer to lounge around in the barn all day.

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1 comment:

brendathour said...

How cute! Love how there are different little groups of chicks that hang out at different places. What a treasure you have there!