Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Might have lost most of my newest photos :(

We had a power surge and it has messed up the computer. I am not sure if we can retrieve all the photos I have taken in the past few weeks or not. I've learned my lesson. Back-up everything that is important to you. Some of the photos I had placed on Zazzle for sale but others I hadn't placed anywhere so they might be lost for good such as these. At least the ones I put on Deviantart I can download from there.


Christy Whitehead Photography said...

Sorry to hear that!

I have a backup hard drive I bought from New Egg which everything goes on. Photos also get burned to CD or DVD.

If you only burn CDs/DVDs, always burn 2 of 2 different brands in case one goes bad!

If you haven't formatted your memory cards, there are programs out there that can recover your files, even if you deleted them (just not if you formatted your cards). Let me know if you need one.

Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

Oh no! That's happened to my a couple of times.

Now I burn everything to a flash drive which is about $50. Also, I upload everything to Flickr. I already pay $20 a year since I have to organize my folders but they have a gadget now where you can download higher res jpegs in case of a crash.