Sunday, October 11, 2009

It was cold but I photographed an Angel.

I went to a fall festival yesterday. It was cold so I pretty much just wandered around inside the antique stores looking for that bargain impossible to pass up. I found a tea cup with matching saucer for just $1.60. Yippee! I love tea cups with matching saucers. I will photograph it sometime later. In the park in town there was this angel statue. I think I got a pretty decent photo of it. I also took a few other photos of pumpkins and stuff like that but my sister is in town for a few days so I haven't gone through my photos to look at them all yet. I better go now. See you all in blogland later :)

Angel by ~angelandspot on deviantART

Here's on I happened to come across on Zazzle that I liked.

Moonlight Shadow card
Moonlight Shadow by noodleli
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