Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some Photo Fun With the Critters Today.

I took some photos of the critters today for the holidays.

Apple came out from under the porch with ducklings a week and a half ago. It's too cold for ducklings though so they have to be locked up under a heat lamp. I have them in a really big cage so that momma can get away from the light and not get too hot but the ducklings can all camp out under it if they need to. Not the normal way of raising ducklings but I didn't want to just steal them from mama after she went through all the effort of hatching them out herself. It's not her fault the weather has gotten so cold and rainy. It was finally sunny here today! :)
Happy Halloween by ~angelandspot on deviantART

This is the bunny I rescued earlier this summer. He is doing great.
Black Rabbit Wearing A Bell by ~angelandspot on deviantART


priscilla cerda said...

Hello my pretties!
Just flying in to see the festivities! Looks like a bloody ol’ time! Off I go with my broom! Vrrrooom!
Visit my party@:
POOF! i'm gone, on my broom....just can't wait to see another room!

Candace said...

Hello there! Thanks for your visit and sweet comment. I would have ducks and such but am allergic. That baby is cute as can be.
I also fostered rabbits for a while and still keep up with the House Rabbit Society. That is ANOTHER cute baby you have there. Great photos.
I'll come back!

Candace in Athens

Lynn Stevens said...

so sweet! Thanks for stopping by my Hallween party, good luck in the drawing!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

OMG, how insanely cute is that! :)

Anonymous said...

Too cute!;)

Wolfbernz said...

Those are great photos :)

Happy Halloween