Monday, December 7, 2009


We got a bit of snow today. The birds did not want to be outside except for the geese. Everybody else stayed inside the barn today. I took Polish out while it was still snowing a bit and took a photo of him as the snow was falling and then carried him right back into the barn. He was perched on my one arm while I used my other arm to hold the camera and take the picture. You will find both of these prints, White and Polish Roo in the Snow in my Redbubble store. Right now Buying 4 Laminated prints gets you FREE SHIPPING.

This snow was just practice for the blizzard we are going to have the next two days. If there are any breaks in the snow I will get out there and take some more photos but I don't want to ruin the camera by getting it too wet either so I might be stuck with indoor photography the next couple days.


Anonymous said...
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Dave DeWall said...

I love that rooster picture, roosters are dear to my heart as one wakes me up every morning here in the Philippines. Great photos!