Saturday, January 30, 2010

More on Goats

I can't believe my Thumbelina will be a year old in just a few short months. She's my baby still even if she is no longer this small. She is spoiled rotten as are the rest of the goats. They love to go on long walks. They love to play. I love to play with them and take their photos. I'll be taking more photos of them sometime later and adding them to my Zazzle store. I just realized I haven't added any new photos of them and the only photos of them in my store are when they were kids except for the photo of Paint I took a few months ago.

Thumblina card
Thumblina by angelandspot
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Misha is a year old now. Wow! How time flies. She will have kids later this spring sired by Dobie.

Paint will also be a year old in a few months.

Paint card
Paint by angelandspot
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Kalvin will also be a year old in April.

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Kathleen said...

Oh, how fun =) I have Alpines. Yours are so pretty!