Friday, February 19, 2010

Another Winter Wonderland

They say we are going to have a heavy snowfall over the weekend and into Monday. It's already coming down from the skies now as I type. At the moment they say 6-10 inches of snow but they also said it could change depending on how the storm tracks. One good thing about the snow is that it makes it easier to take things down to the barn. You just load them onto the sled and slide them down there. Also snow looks pretty to photograph. But we'll be stuck at home this weekend. Rural roads are the last to be cleared. And then there are all the corn fields that if we get winds the snow really drifts off of them and out onto the roads. I'm not really complaining though. I enjoy snow. It would be nice to see the grass again someday soon though. Well, I'm off to take care of the critters at the barn and then it's time to settle in and watch it snow. Maybe I will do some collage work later tonight or just sit with some popcorn and hot chocolate and watch the Olympics. I've been up since 4:30 this morning which is not really the normal time I wake up.

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