Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today's theme is roosters. I love my roosters and my hens. But today it will be all about the Roo. Here are some of the rooster items I have in my Zazzle store.

Polish Roo stamp
Polish Roo by angelandspot
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The Rooster Crows card
The Rooster Crows by angelandspot
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Deb said...

Great Rooo shots...we named our red heeler Rooster...he does strut around like a little rooster...

Sweet Repose said...

I had a beautiful red rooster just like that last shot...he was destined for the stew pot, he chased my grandson relentlessly.

I was doing a lot of chicken taxidermy at the time, not wanting to waste any part of the hapless creatures...a friend in Lone Tree owns him now and he struts perfectly on her newel post.

Maybe I'll meet you up at Sisters' sometime, I usually go up every Wednesday to redo my that place, been selling out of there 15 years now.

Your photos are wonderful, I've painted a lot of chickens in the past, I hope to raise a few this summer, if I can get a small coop built, I soooo miss the crowing in the's just the meaning of COUNTRY to me!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I love these and I am not a fan of roosters normally! Good work my Artful Friend! Blessings Eden. PS thank you for your SWEET comments. I love Zazzle its the coolest place to put your designs into! I need to fix my page nice like yours though!