Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thank you to everyone who commented and shared yesterday's post. Here are some new additions to my Zazzle store.

It was a lovely foggy morning when I took this photo. I love beautiful foggy mornings.

This one I took over the summer while out on a walk.

And I took a photo of the school yesterday. Here it is. I added a texture from Shadowhouse Creations to it.

School House card
School House by angelandspot
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And I took a few photos of my chickens yesterday also. Here is one of my roosters with a texture from Shadowhouse Creations. I love the textures that are shared on that blog.

I'm so happy. I sold a set of these business cards this morning.

I plan to work more on my Zazzle store between barn chores today and tomorrow as it snows. Take care and have an amazing day!


Deb said...

great photos...

Anonymous said...

Love foggy morning too! I love misty foggy moments. You captured it beautifully Angel and Spot! Blessings Eden

Anonymous said...

love the flower too...thanks a bunch for sending me to contemplating a t-shirt design! Thanks again for sharing! Eden