Saturday, March 6, 2010

Some New Goat Photos

Here are some of the newest goat photos I have taken.

This is Buttons. She is a Nigerian Dwarf. Sick of being locked in the barn I let her out to play for awhile in the driveway. The snow was as deep as she is tall so the driveway was the only place she could play outside without the snow being too deep. I added an oil paint effect to this photo.

Here's a fun one of Squiggles. I like the weird angle I took it at which makes his face appear huge and his feet appear to be so tiny.

Squiggles card
Squiggles by angelandspot
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Here is a newer photo of Rabbit. He is growing up so fast.

This is Moose.

Moose card
Moose by angelandspot
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And this is Mouse.

I goofed up when I scheduled posts and accidentally had 2 posts yesterday. This was scheduled for tomorrow but I am going to post it today. I'll double check next time better to make sure I don't have two posts scheduled for the same day. I like to have a weeks worth of postings scheduled at a time so something posts everyday even if I get so busy that I am not on the computer on a given day.

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