Monday, April 5, 2010

Any Ideas as to What Critter this Is?

I found this out along the fence line in a far corner of the pasture. I think it washed out of the corn field next door over the winter. I was thinking maybe it was a fox or coyote puppy skull. I'm not sure though. It could also be raccoon or possum. I'd love to know what it is if you happen to know. Thanks.


Purple Pony Art said...

Fascinating - it does look canine.

Marlene said...

Not the faintest clue!

Sweet Repose said...

Cool skull, kinda hard to tell when you're not sure of the size, but probably like you said.

I was painting a piece of furniture this morning outside when our storm sirens went off...freak me out, as the skies were starting to darken in the distance, then I remembered 1st Monday of every month...duh...testing.

I live only a mile from Fruitland, the lil' town that was hit by a tornado 3 years ago, it went by my house across the 4-lane. I was at work in LeClaire...I have never driven home so fast in my dog was home...we were lucky.

But boy doesn't it freak you out every too...though I was living in Florida the year Charlie hit and 3 other hurricanes that same summer...whew, what a year that was, at least with a tornado, it's gone in a few minutes.