Friday, April 16, 2010


I've been busy and haven't posted in awhile. Sorry. I had a swap meet last weekend and I have 2 this weekend so I have been busy with that plus all the farm work. I did get a few new things added to my Zazzle store this week.

Too bad I didn't have these photos in time for Easter but I guess they are there for next year now. My sister came from out of town to visit this week. She's not much of an animal person. Strange, I know. But anyways, she fell in love with my bunny and wanted to kidnap him. I would have let her have him if she really wanted him. She would have taken excellent care of him but her roomate said no so he stays here. :) I am so glad I got to see my sister. I wish I could see her more often.

Well, I have some more stuff to get done to get ready for this busy weekend. I'll try not to miss so many days between posts again.

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Anonymous said...

oh for goodness sakes...where did you find this adorable creature...too cute for words...really, just too dare cute!