Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Little Muscovy Family

Sky and her ducklings and gosling were out and about yesterday. They are so fun to watch. One of the ducklings is not hers but an adopted barnyard mix duckling. She doesn't seem to notice. She also adopted the lone gosling we have. I wonder if she thinks it is just a duckling on growth hormones? Or if she knows that it is a gosling. Anyways... they are so cute as they travel around the farm stopping for a swim or finding a bite to eat. This morning Sky was showing them a great place to find flies. I love the Muscovys as they are excellent at fly control and now she will also be teaching the little gosling as well. Sometimes you will hear a little knocking sound and wonder what is that? And then you will realize it is just the Muscovies getting the flies off the side of the house. Muscovy ducks are the best!

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Susan said...

so so sweet!
great :)