Friday, May 28, 2010

Sold Some Art

I sold some art at the farmer's market last night. Woot! I sold the original of this collage that I had made on a scrap cutting board block. I couldn't find the original version's photo in the archives but here is a digitally altered version. Dad sold some of his original blacksmithing also. Woot! We also sold a dozen green eggs. It was a lovely evening and I took a ton of photos. I just have not gotten around to working with the new photos yet. I have a photo of some of the things we sold and I will show them some time later. Now I've gotta get busy and make some more art to sale. I need some more scrap wood and some other art supplies soon. I'll use what I have left at the moment and then buy some more supplies with the art sale profits. :)

Chicken Block 2 card
Chicken Block 2 by angelandspot
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Here is one of the items my Dad made and sold at the farmer's market.

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