Sunday, July 11, 2010

Handmade Cards

I have taken some photos of my handmade ATCs, ACEOs, ect. to sale as reproduction greeting cards. They are on Zazzle and a few are on another site also. The other site had the strangest request. They wanted me to make my handmade stuff not look so handmade and look more polished and professional. I thought the point of handmade was that it was handmade and not perfect. They didn't like the crinkled paper I purposely used on some of the ATCs for the effect I was going for. I've decided I won't be designing anything new for that other site and will be designing more for Zazzle now. Zazzle doesn't complain about the handmade look. I even have some fans of the store that like that look. I shouldn't have to change my art to satisfy what someone else (the other site) wants.

Here are a few of them that are new on Zazzle.

The other site let this one on but said it would be better if I digitally added the words instead of using my own handwritten words. But on a handmade card I think it should look handmade. Anyways... Thanks for letting me vent this morning.

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