Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Muscovy Ducks

I love my Muscovy ducks. They are the best. I enjoy taking photos of them also. Apple is the Muscovy that traveled the longest distance to get to me. She came to me as a fertile egg all the way from New York that I placed in the incubator and she hatched out. Muscovy are excellent at pest control. They love to eat flies and other creepy crawly bugs.

Scovies card
Scovies by angelandspot
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This is Apple just after a swim session as she was flapping her wings dry.

This is Sky with her ducklings plus a duckling and a gosling she adopted. They are growing up so fast. They are now just over a month old and I need to get some new photos of them. The gosling is now much bigger than Sky but she is still taking care of it just like it was one of her own.

Beauty was one of my faves. I miss her. She passed away of old age. She was an old hen when I got her but she did raise one family before I lost her. I have her 2 daughters to remember her by.

Here is another of Apple.

And by now you are probably thinking enough! I love my Scovies. Maybe I will take some more photos of them later today but now I have to go get ready for the Farmer's market tonight.

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