Monday, December 13, 2010

Warm Thoughts

With the cold weather today I thought it would be nice to go back and look at some photos that remind me of warmer days.

Took this one of somebody's foot at the Farmer's Market this summer. I like the pretty sandal.

Today your toes would freeze in no time. Depending on which weather person you listen to the high today will be 8 degrees or 13 degrees.

Water is frozen today. But this abstract photo I took of the fountain in the park where one of the Farmers Markets is held reminds me of warm summer days.

But even though the water is frozen the silly goose decided it was bath time when I went down to the barn to give them a bit of fresh water to drink and tried to take a bath in the water bowl. It's funny how waterfowl don't seem to notice just how cold it is out there and will take a bath no matter what.

This is more of what it actually looks like out there. These are some photo I took awhile back.

Winter Trees card
Winter Trees by angelandspot
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There's not quite as much snow as there was when I took these photos.

Winter Barn card
Winter Barn by angelandspot
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I want to take some more winter barn photos sometime this winter. It's cold today but boy was it awful yesterday. We only have a bit of snow but we had 50 mph winds yesterday blowing the snow all over the place. I'm glad it is not as bad as it is up in northern Iowa though. One of my chicken friends I met on said on the message board today that is is -12 up there and that they have a lot more snow up there. Well, I better get some work done so I will see you sometime later. Hope you are staying warm.

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