Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy First Monday of 2011

Hello. I hope you had a Happy New Year. I have plans to be creative in 2011. I am giving up creating cards for a certain company which I will not name where the reviewers are difficult to deal with and I going to create more for my Zazzle store. I love to create for Zazzle and don't have to deal with reviewers there except for certain products like shoes and stamps and then the reviews are simple as long as you follow the rules with no questioning and rude remarks from reviewers.

So one of my resolutions this year is to create more and have fun creating art for my Zazzle store.

Here are a couple of the new items just in.

I was happy to see I sold some of my egg business cards this morning. Thanks to the purchaser. :)

Now if only the hens would start laying eggs again. They seem to have gone on a winter strike except for a few pullets who have just started to lay. The crazy weather changes have them messed up as well. On Friday it was in the fifties and then by the end of the day had dropped back to below freezing. Friday morning and afternoon all the duck hens were out and about searching for places to start laying eggs to start nesting and now they are wondering why spring ran away and winter came back. Well, I better go get some work done now. I hope that you have a wonderful year this year.

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