Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Posters

Wow! We had the worst snow storm in history here last week. That meant that all the schools and a lot of businesses were closed. The Internet was running really slowly last week with all the people stuck at home and online. Also Zazzle was going through maintenance so I was not able to get as much done there the past week as I would have liked. But I did keep busy creating new artworks that I have been slowly uploading to the store. Here are some of the newest posters in the store.

Think spring.

I let the goats out to play in the snow for awhile yesterday. They were going stir crazy in the barn. The only place that was snow free was the long driveway because it was cleared with a tractor so the goats and cats were having races with each other back and forth. It was so fun and cute to watch. The poultry are beginning to think spring around here. I am getting a few more eggs each day. I got the first goose egg of the year yesterday. I saw some of the pullets peeking into and looking around the nesting boxes. Some of them ever went inside and moved some of the hay around in them. I think we will be getting some more eggs here soon. Well, stay warm and think spring. Have a great week :)


Purple Pony Art said...

As much as I love the horses, carousel animals are just so much more unique :-)

art2cee2 said...

You have a lot of nice Spring posters. Makes me think winter is really almost over. :-)

Anonymous said...

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brendathour said...

Love your bunny carousel! I would have loved to see the goats play like that.

Lisa said...

Hi, I wanted to stop by and thank you for entering my giveaway, with OWOH, I appreciate it. Your artwork here is wonderful! I'm going to take a further look.