Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rainy Day

Rain card
Rain by angelandspot
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It's rainy today. The rain is melting away what snow remains on the ground. But it is forcast to snow again this week. Just a reminder that winter is still here from Mother Nature I guess. Maybe this flower will make you think of warm summer days. I took it after a rain last summer.

I played around today and make this new digital art. Here it is as a business card. I also have it on other products as well.

I used my own texture I call, "Galaxy", and a vintage fish (from one of my vintage children's books) with digital alterations to it.

Most of the hens took this rainy day off from laying eggs but who can blame them with the crazy weather swing we had this week. Well, have a wonderful week.


art2cee2 said...

Love the drops of rain on the flower. Very pretty

angelandspot said...

Thank you, art2cee2. I've been visiting your blog. Lovely art and postings. For some reason your blog is on of the few blogs I am unable to post comments on at the moment. I get error messages from blogger when I try. But thank you so much for visiting and commenting :) I'll