Thursday, April 12, 2012

Playing With Photos

Nursing Filly

Lately I've been playing in Picnik with some of my photos and adding a few of those edits to Flickr. But, the site closes on April 19th :(

So, I searched and found a new site. It's Picmonkey. I love it. You can add your own textures even. Since my computer is broken and I've been using a library computer I haven't been able to add textures to my photos latley but now that I found Picmonkey I can add textures again :) I do someday want to get my own computer again and not have to rely on a library computer but at least I've found Picmokey for now.

Below are a few photos I've played with in Picmokey.

Amish Carts Grunge effect

Messy Mane tranquil effect

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