Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Not Friendly Enough

Wal-mart wasted an hour and a half of my time yesterday at an interview just to be told I was not friendly enough to be a cashier for them. I had worked at this exact store before as a temp. and was laid off on Christmas Eve. day. Then I was told they were very sorry but all the temp. workers had to be laid off but definatly apply to be a cashier and we will re-hire you in 30 days. I applied. I waited over 30 days. Then I was told I was not friendly enough to be a cashier. I have always told by the customers in all my former jobs that I was so kind, helpful, and friendly while I was working with them. I have been a cashier before at Menards. I have worked in retail at a few other stores as well. I've never in my life been told I was not friendly enough to help the customers. It's not like I had never been a cashier before. I even did some cashier work at that Wal-mart when I was working there. I have come to the conclusion that they only hire their friends or uneducated people because they do not want collage educated people working for them. I will no longer do any business with Wal-mart. I will spend my money elsewhere. Esp. after they tried to bully me into taking another job there that I did not check on my application for a reason as I did not want to do that job. I was basically told I had to take that job or I would not have a job with them. Anyways... Sorry for the rant. They've lost my business and all of my respect.

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