Monday, June 3, 2013

Zetti Girls

I love the Zetti style of art.  It is so fun and funky.  I created a couple of Zetti like collages over the weekend.

Here are my Zetti Girls.

The first one I made was


Then I played around with her even more and changed her into this


Then I even played some more with the collage but this time digitally to create this


I need to get some fashion magazines or something like them to cut more people out of and create some more zetti style art.


I also need to add some arms and legs next time I think.

Here are a few collages that I found on Zazzle that are tagged with Zetti.  These ones below are not my art.

Inspirational Bird Card
Inspirational Bird Card by Aetheria
Look at more Vintage Cards at zazzle



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