Friday, July 5, 2013

Copyright Violation

Just wanted to let people know Card Gnome is violating my copyrights even after I sent a DMCA takedown request almost two weeks ago. This is just one listing violating my copyrights so I do not recommend Card Gnome to anyone as they do not respect the copyright of the artist. My photography and digital art should not be on their website even if it is not listed for sale. I do not consider it free advertising. I call it copyright theft. I do not have any type of account at Card Gnome so there is no reason for my copyrighted works to be appearing on their website. The email I got from them stated that because it is not listed for sale it is not in violation of copyrights.  I feel that it is definitely a violation of my copyrights because I don't give any permissions to Card Gnome to display my photography and digital art on their website. My photography and digital art is All rights reserved © Angelandspot

Their other copyright violations are on these pages:

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