Monday, July 22, 2013

Flip Flops

I now have flip flops in my Zazzle store.  I will be adding more designs later this week but here are some of the new designs already in the store.">

" alt="Old Ghost Sign on Brick Wall Sandals" style="border:0;" />
Old">">Old Ghost Sign on Brick Wall Sandals by angelandspot*">angelandspot>
Shop for more Sandal">">Sandal Footwear">

" alt="Goldfinch Flip Flops" style="border:0;" />
Goldfinch">">Goldfinch Flip Flops by angelandspot*">angelandspot>
See more Sandal">">Sandal Footwear online at Zazzle">

" alt="Vintage Advertisements Flip Flops" style="border:0;" />
Vintage">">Vintage Advertisements Flip Flops by angelandspot*">angelandspot>
View more Flip-Flop">">Flip-Flop Footwear at">

" alt="Vintage Birds and Ledger Paper Sandals" style="border:0;" />
Vintage">">Vintage Birds and Ledger Paper Sandals by angelandspot*">angelandspot>
View additional Flip">">Flip Flop Footwear online at">

" alt="Kansas City Highway Sandals" style="border:0;" />
Kansas">">Kansas City Highway Sandals by angelandspot*">angelandspot>
Look at additional Flip">">Flip Flops at">

" alt="Faded Ad on Brick, Ghost Sign Flip Flops" style="border:0;" />
Faded">">Faded Ad on Brick, Ghost Sign Flip Flops by angelandspot*">angelandspot>
View Abstract sandals online at zazzle">zazzle>
What types of my artwork  and/or photography would you like to see on flip flops? 

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Anonymous said...

Great designs. I love it that they're now doing flip-flops.