Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Animal Prints

I have several new animal print items for sale in my Zazzle stores, Angelandspot and AbstractFunDesign.  Here are just a few of the items you will find.">

" alt="Purple Animal Spots Minx® Nail Wraps" style="border:0;" />
Purple">">Purple Animal Spots Minx® Nail Wraps by angelandspot*">angelandspot>
Look at Abstract Minx Nails online at Zazzle.com">>">

" alt="Colorful Zebra Abstract Placemat" style="border:0;" />
Colorful">">Colorful Zebra Abstract Placemat by angelandspot*">angelandspot>
See other Stripes Placemats at zazzle">zazzle>">

" alt="Blue and Red Animal Print Spots iPad Mini Case" style="border:0;" />
Blue">">Blue and Red Animal Print Spots iPad Mini Case by AbstractFunDesign*">AbstractFunDesign>
See other Blue Cases at zazzle">zazzle>

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