Saturday, October 11, 2014

New Abstracts

I have recently added several new abstract designs to AbstractFunDesign

Here are just some of the newest items in the store.">

" alt="Fun Abstract Bohemian Style Gift Wrapping Paper" style="border:0;" />
Fun">">Fun Abstract Bohemian Style Gift Wrapping Paper by AbstractFunDesign*">AbstractFunDesign>
Look at another wrapping">">wrapping paper at Zazzle">

" alt="Abstract Animal Spots Pillow" style="border:0;" />
Abstract">">Abstract Animal Spots Pillow by AbstractFunDesign*">AbstractFunDesign>
See other Angelandspot Pillows at zazzle">zazzle>">

" alt="Abstract Canvas Prints" style="border:0;" />
Abstract">">Abstract Canvas Prints by AbstractFunDesign*">AbstractFunDesign>
Check out other Abstractabstractfundesign Canvas Prints at zazzle.com">>">

" alt="Blue Zebra Abstract Pillows" style="border:0;" />
Blue">">Blue Zebra Abstract Pillows by AbstractFunDesign*">AbstractFunDesign>
Browse more Abstract Pillows at Zazzle">Zazzle>">

" alt="Abstract Gallery Wrapped Canvas" style="border:0;" />
Abstract">">Abstract Gallery Wrapped Canvas by AbstractFunDesign*">AbstractFunDesign>
Get your own canvas">">canvas transfer prints">

" alt="Lost in the Wilds, Abstract Zebra Stripes Gallery Wrap Canvas" style="border:0;" />
Lost">">Lost in the Wilds, Abstract Zebra Stripes Gallery Wrap Canvas by AbstractFunDesign*">AbstractFunDesign>
Visit Zazzle for digital">">digital photo printing on canvas

I will be adding even more new abstract designs to the store at the beginning of next week so be on the lookout for them.  Have a wonderful weekend :)

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