Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some Things from my friends. Enjoy!

Enjoy these! These are items in the Zazzle stores of my friends. Maybe you might even like to make a purchase ;) You are under no obligation to though. I just wanted to share some of my friends' art with you.

magical postcard
magical by junemac1
Make your own customized postcards online at zazzle

Beauty In Blue card
Beauty In Blue by Katseye
Create a photo note card online at


June said...

Aww thanks for posting some of mine my friend. I love the raven one too.
Hope all is good with you
hugs June xxx

angelandspot said...

Hi June! I am doing well. It was my pleasure to post some of your items for others to see. ~Cassie

June said...

Aww thanks Cassie and thanks also for doing the crafters for cancer blinkie and candy too
hugs June xxx