Friday, March 19, 2010


Today's theme is ducks. I found a cd of photos I took back in 2007 that is full of ducks and I will soon be uploading those photos to my Zazzle store. I also now have several pet ducks since we have moved from the city to the country and have a lot of photos of them also. Here are just some of the duck items already in my Zazzle store. I enjoy photographing ducks. I also enjoy taking photos of other things but I am sticking with the theme of ducks for today.

Chicks and Ducklings sticker
Chicks and Ducklings by angelandspot
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Mallard card
Mallard by angelandspot
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A wild Mallard duck hen visited the farm yesterday. I wish I had had the camera out with me. She came over and looked at my Call Duck drake and hen who were out playing in the pasture in a puddle of water. A huge flock of snow geese flew over also and my gander was honking and trying to call them to come for a visit but it didn't work. Last fall a couple of Canadian geese did come by for a visit with my goose and gander but they didn't stay for long because as soon as they saw me they flew off.