Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Goats and Chickens card
Goats and Chickens by angelandspot
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It looks like spring is finally here. It is going to be almost 60 degrees today. That is my goat named Reba. Sadly her first born goat kids were born premature and only lived a few minutes. It was really sad. But, I got 2 bottle goats on St. Patrick's day and she adopted them. She loves them just like they are her own and is doing an excellent job with them. I plan to take some more photos today. I spent the weekend working on my various online stores as it was snowy and cold but now it is warm and sunny again so I will be outside a lot more. Hopefully I will also be better at blogging as I see I missed a few days as I did not plan ahead enough and schedule posts for a few days. I will try to do better so something posts every day.

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Marlene said...

Cute pets, I used to have goats and they are so much fun.