Friday, March 12, 2010

Keep Muscovy Legal

As of 3/31/2010 it might be illegal to own, breed, show, keep for egg laying, or have as pets Muscovy ducks. Here is a petition to try and save them. Here is where they are talking about it on BYC. Here is the FWS page with the "final rule. We need to get this rule changed before it goes into effect. I love my Muscovy ducks and they are an important part of the farm. Many people have Muscovy ducks. In some places they are the only duck allowed to be kept as pets because they are not loud like other ducks. Muscovy ducks are excellent at insect control.

I won't be able to have any more scenes like this at the farm anymore. Unless I jump through hoops and get state and federal permits. It will be illegal for my ducks to reproduce. It will be illegal to have them as pets, as egg layers, or anything else. The ones I already have will be grandfathered in but should something ever happen before my ducks passed away of old age (such as having to move somewhere ducks are not allowed) and I am unable to keep them I legally would not be able to give them to anyone else even for free. Duck rescue centers will no longer be able to take in Muscovy ducks after 3/31/2010 if we don't get this changed. People will no longer be able to have them as pets, show animals, or anything else.

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Pamela Jaye said...

Got this from several other Muscovy people

Dr Allen, who composed the new Muscovy regulations, is looking for suggestions. He needs input in order to accommodate the groups of people with special interests in these birds. If you have as a pet or "show birds" etc. please email Dr Allen and tell him how the rules must be changed to accommodate our pets. BE NICE!!!!

email him as much as you can law passes 3-31.

I'd say, don't pester, don't rant, just state your case. What do you want? Pet? Food? Eggs? Whatever.
I'm from an area where Muscovies are not a nuisance but a town nearby had a big problem with them roaming free a few years back and there was an outcry.

Pricilla said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I am sorry for your duckies...I hope it all can be worked out.