Saturday, March 13, 2010

Keep Muscovy Legal

As of 3/31/2010 it might be illegal to own, breed, show, keep for egg laying, or have as pets Muscovy ducks. Here is a petition to try and save them. Here is where they are talking about it on BYC. Here is the FWS page with the "final rule. We need to get this rule changed before it goes into effect. I love my Muscovy ducks and they are an important part of the farm. Many people have Muscovy ducks. In some places they are the only duck allowed to be kept as pets because they are not loud like other ducks. Muscovy ducks are excellent at insect control. I love my Muscovy ducks and do not want to have to give them up. There are a lot of people that love their Scovies.

I agree with this print. The Muscovy is the king of ducks. I love how they have so much personality, eat so many insects, lay wonderful eggs, and make excellent mothers. I had a huge insect problem here living so near hog farms but once I got my Muscovy ducks there were a lot less insects. They don't quack like regular ducks and make a ton of noise. They are better at foraging than other breeds of ducks and better able to utilize grass pasture. Yes, we still feed them duck feed but they don't need as much as other breeds of ducks need.

And here are some other Muscovy products I found on a Zazzle search. I love these ducks.

Quackity Quack Don't Talk Back card
Quackity Quack Don't Talk Back by T_Trant
See more cards available at zazzle

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