Thursday, April 22, 2010

Been a Busy Day Already

I brushed and bathed all three horses. My billy goat, Dobie, also got a bath and a nice walk down the country roads. The farmers are still busy out in the fields planting today. I might try and get some photos of them at work later this afternoon. I took Hope, my dog, on a walk last night out with the camera but the farmers had gone on a supper break so they weren't out in the fields at that time. They worked late into the night and came back early this morning. This year it will be soybeans grown in the fields.

Here is a photo I recently took and have added textures to from various sources. It's a feather from on of my Muscovy hens that blew out of the nest they are sitting on and got stuck on a weed. Hopefully in just a few more weeks there will be little Muscovy ducklings running around the farm.

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