Friday, April 23, 2010


I have this weekend off from swap meets. Then I have some more coming up real soon. It's nice to have a weekend at home though after two busy weekends. The farmers have been busy this week. They finished planting the crops yesterday.

Old Tractor print
Old Tractor by angelandspot
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Thunder is now two weeks old. His ears haven't decided what they want to do yet. His dam is a Nubian and his sire is an Alpine. Sometimes he has them hanging down like a Nubian and other times he has them up. All I know it they look huge right now but I know he will grow into them.

Since it was raining today I spent more time indoors and was able to upload several new things to my store.


June said...

Ohh Thunder is gorgeous and his ears do look funny lol, you will have to show us him when he decides how they will stay lol. Love the tractor pic too. Have a wonderful weekend my friend
hugs June xxxx

Sweet Repose said...

What a handsome lil' face this critter has, I love goats, my ex would never let me have one(or two).

When my daughter was young we gave her Nubian goat milk for her allergies, she couldn't tell the difference and we never told her till she was older, but it really helped her with allergy to cow's milk.

And yes, we are right next to the old Menard's store...a lotta work, but it's time!!!

Have a restful weekend under the clouds...but we need the rain, so I won't complain...too loudly!!!


Anonymous said...

ooooh how i love your tractor...they are such a lovely american treasure...we use to have a bright shinny red one... it was beautiful