Monday, April 19, 2010

Long Weekend

It was a long weekend with two swap meets. I am still tired from getting around so early both days and then spending all day out in the sun and wind both days. I sold a few things which was good. Some people didn't sale their stuff and then just threw it in the trash after the swap meet. What a shame. I saw this pretty bird for sale for $800 at the one swap meet. He/She was just sitting there on a perch. I thought to myself what happens if that bird flies away? Anyways... later in the day I saw someone had bought it. I can't remember what kind of bird they said it was but it sure was pretty.

There was a horse track next to the fairgrounds at the one swap meet this weekend. There were a few horses out there and I got a few photos of the Standardbred horses out on the track.

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