Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thunder is Growing Fast

Thunder is growing so fast. He loves to bounce and run around the pasture. He is so friendly. I took some photos of him at a week old. I can't believe tomorrow he will be two weeks old. Time sure does fly. I'll probably take some more photos of him later today. And of course I will take photos of some flowers, chickens, and whatever else also while I have the camera out.

Apple has just gone broody, which means she is sitting on eggs to hatch, so hopefully with luck next month I will have some little ducklings running around. I'm so glad they didn't pass that stupid law that would have made Muscovy ducks illegal to own except with a federal permit.

I think the neighbor lady thought I must be crazy when I was laying down in the grass in the pasture taking photos. She kept staring over at me. I was taking photos of the wildflowers and pretty weeds.

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