Monday, April 26, 2010

More Textures More Photos

I'm still addicted to adding textures to my photos. It was rainy this weekend so I was able to play around with my photos again. Here are some of the newest ones I have done. I still want to do even more with textures and my photos as I have time to.

I'm glad it is no longer winter but I did play around with some of the photos I took this past winter. I did drive-by shootings one day as we were going somewhere and took this photo out the window at highway speeds. I was shocked it turned out as well as it did. I've added a texture to it and love the look it gave.

I tried a different texture on the tractor photo. I like both versions. I showed the other version a few days ago.

The bleeding hearts are no more. The last few days of rain and thunderstorms have knocked all of the flowers off. I am still playing around with the photos I took and adding textures to them.

Bleeding Heart card
Bleeding Heart by angelandspot
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