Monday, August 30, 2010

A Mistake

A Mistake? What?

Well, this is what the lovely reviewers at Greeting Card Universe said this card was. I put a copy in my private gallery so I could show you.

They said, "Please Note: Please change the orientation of this card. It will look to the card shoppers as though it's a mistake."

But, this is not a mistake. I created this artwork in several layers. I chose on purpose to have the bottom postcard layer facing like that. It is not a mistake at all.

Last week they tried to tell me my Araucana and my Ameraucana roosters were the same and I couldn't have both cards in the store when they are two different roosters of two different breeds. Their reviews are getting very crazy.

So I am going to be adding all new art and photography only to Zazzle and my other sites, Deviantart, and Redbubble from now on. There will be nothing new at my Greeting Card Universe store as soon as the 100 cards I already have in que for approvals are accepted.

Oh, and I was not allowed to sale this one on Greeting Card Universe because they said it was pornographic. I don't think it is. It is in a public park in Washington, Iowa. Zazzle has no problem with it.

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Anonymous said...

i love them both.
"pay no attention to the man behind the curtain"
or his silly mind!