Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New at my DeviantArt Gallery

Rural Iowa Barn by ~angelandspot on deviantART

I uploaded some new works to my DA gallery this morning. I am currently doing a rural barns, silos, corn cribs, farm buildings series. I'm not sure how many photos will be in this series but it will be continued on a regular basis as I take more photos of rural Iowa life. If you live in Iowa you might recognize some of the barns, corn cribs, silos, ect. that I am photographing.

Farm Buildings by ~angelandspot on deviantART

Corn Crib by ~angelandspot on deviantART

I also have some photos of cattle I took recently and will also be uploading some of those photos soon at one or more of my online stores as well. I am off to get some more work done. See ya sometime later! Have a great day!

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June said...

Hi my friend, its lovely to see these buildings. Obviously i dont get to see anything like these with living in the UK so its a treat. I love your photography
hope you are well
hugs June xx