Thursday, August 19, 2010

The New Couple

Old English Bantam Rooster card
Old English Bantam Rooster by angelandspot
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I went to a swap meet this past weekend and somehow ended up bringing a pair of chickens home when I wasn't going to bring anything that was a live animal home with me. I'd only planned to sell some of my antiques and artwork and bring home some new books to read. Well, oops... I brought home some live animals along with those new books to read. My bantam flock was shrinking in size due to some of them dying of old age and I was left with no roosters for Annie, Much, and the other 2 no name Old English Game Bantam chickens I have. Now I have this new little rooster and a hen in his color also.

This little hen came home and laid an egg the same day. She is so friendly and is always following me around when I am down in the barn. I think I might end up naming her Friendly.

I have another swap meet on Sat. but animals are not allowed there so I won't even be tempted to bring any animals home unless they are antique glass chickens. LOL Yep, I collect chicken figurines also. Hopefully I will get some more stuff sold and maybe I will find some bargains also. I'll be on the lookout for cheap books I can read and then resale and things I can use as art supplies in my mixed media artwork or possible cheap photography props to use in my photography. Well, I better get busy and get some things done now. See ya sometime later!

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