Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Uploading Issues

I have a lot of things I am wanting to upload to my Zazzle store but for the past couple of days I have been getting an error message, "Image has failed to upload." :( So for now I haven't been able to make many new products in the past few days. But I did get this made:

Amish Recliner bag
Amish Recliner by angelandspot
Create a canvas bag from Zazzle

It was a busy weekend last weekend with swap meets then I was busy trying to work on my online stores the past few days. I have 65 cards pending approval at one site that must approve everything before it goes live for sale. I also have a few new things in my Deviantart store and Redbubble stores as well. A band called Hex Map is going to use one of my textures on their album art and give me credit. Woot! I'm hoping that might help bring more people my way and it helps them also.

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