Thursday, August 5, 2010

Some More New Photos

I've had a chance to get around to some of the photos I have been taking and uploading them to the store. I have more to upload but I keep getting an error message that says the image has failed to upload. So I'll keep working on new art and also keep trying to upload what I already have done.

Here are some of my new additions to the store.

A section of an old sign at a jewelry store taken on a quick walk around the downtown area one day while waiting for the Farmer's Market to open for the evening.

I added textures to this one. It was an old sign I spotted as I was walking around the square of a small town waiting for the Farmer's Market to open for the evening. There are some fun things you will see if you only take the time to stop and look.

Buy Locally print
Buy Locally by angelandspot
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And some more photos I took last week at the county fair.

These last two were entries in the antiques class. I didn't even know that would could show your antiques at the fair. There were some neat things there.

Vintage Tricycle print
Vintage Tricycle by angelandspot
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