Monday, September 13, 2010


Salmon Faverolle Hen card
Salmon Faverolle Hen by angelandspot
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I've just added some new items to my Zazzle store today. I got two Salmon Faverolle pullets (young hens) at the swap meet. :) I've wanted some for ages as I love their extra toe that the breed has and the tinted eggs the hens lay. Pictured above is one of them. They are so sweet.

I've also taken some more photos of my other chickens, guinea pigs, ect. and am adding them into the store also. I took so many photos this morning. I didn't have the camera handy when something funny happened though. Darn! A squirrel came to visit as there are now acorns in the pasture. Salt, Pepper, and Spice, my young Muscovy hens went over to check to squirrel out and followed it around and around the tree until it decided that instead of going around the tree in circles it would go up the tree. It was funny to watch and nobody got hurt.

Here are a couple of the other photos I did take this morning and have uploaded into the store.

My Turkin sure has grown from this little chick

Turkin Chick card
Turkin Chick by angelandspot
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to this today.

And my Creole Easter Egger Rooster

I love his creole color. He is really friendly also.

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