Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thinking about Christmas Already

Yesterday there was a request on one of the card sites I use for a black lamb Christmas card.

I took this photo of Pandi when she was a lamb (7 months old) wearing a jingle bell wreath. I think it makes a great Christmas card. Now she is a year old and the wreath won't fit on her anymore so I'll have to do something different for her yearling photo Christmas card.

I guess now I better start thinking about what Christmas photos to take to make Christmas cards with for this year. I'm thinking of doing some chickens and guinea pigs. It is nice outside today so I am off to take some photos now and some of those photos will be for Christmas. I'm also going to do some Halloween photos also even though according to the "experts" it is too late for Halloween now.

I'm off now. I'll show you a few of the photos I take later on today or tomorrow in a new posting. Have a great day!

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