Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Holiday Cards and More

Grocery Store Stop card
Grocery Store Stop by angelandspot
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Sometimes you have to stop at the grocery store even if you are Amish. I went to an exotic animal sale last Sat. in Kalona, Iowa and took some photos on the way home. I got a cute pair of frizzle chickens at the sale.

Barred Frizzle Chicken card
Barred Frizzle Chicken by angelandspot
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Here are some of the new holiday photos I took this morning of the guinea pigs to use as greeting cards. I got the babies at the exotic sale. They are so sweet. I've never had baby guinea pigs before. They are all four boys so there are no worries of them having any babies themselves. I used to have an adult male guinea pig as a pet about 15 years ago. He lived to be 7 years old and passed away while I was away at collage. I'd never thought to get another one as a pet until now. Now I'll have the four to grow up together and keep each other company. The guinea pig I had in the past lived with my two pet hamsters I had back then and got along great with them.

Halloween Guinea Pig card
Halloween Guinea Pig by angelandspot
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