Monday, October 11, 2010

Busy Weekend

Had a busy but fun weekend enjoying the nice summer-like temps. Yesterday I went on a drive and took a ton of photos. Today I added some new items to the store.

Here are some of the newest items in the store.

I met a cute little frog on Sat. at a nature area. I picked him/her up and took a few photos and then released it back to the wild unharmed. I went looking for the Pelicans I had seen the day before at the nature area but they had already flown the coop on their fall migration to warmer areas. I did see plenty of frogs and other wildlife though. I need to get a telephoto lens for the camera someday as several of the birds were just too far away to get any good photos with the lens I have.

Bullfrog Photo, Prince Humor card
Bullfrog Photo, Prince Humor by angelandspot
Design your own cards on zazzle

A Bokeh birthday card. I created this photo when taking photos of the glitter pumpkin I created.

Here is one of the glitter pumpkins I created with a bunch of mod podge and glitter. There were some mini pumpkins for sale at the Farmers Market Friday evening so I bought a few and decorated them.

The sunset on Sat. evening from Morning Sun, Iowa.

And a photo of some pretty weeds/wildflowers that I added a texture from Shadowhouse Creations to.

I have a lot of other photos I took this weekend also and will be uploading more of them to the store in the next few weeks. Now I am going out to enjoy this lovely summer-like day. See ya later!

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